• Aurore Debry

Cycl…what?? A little word of explanation please…

Cycloo is, first and foremost, a social project that was born on the roads, preferably on a nice cycle path and on top of my (almost) comfortable saddle. But above all, it’s a project that was built along the roads during 2 trips exploring landscapes, having wonderful encounters, experiences and thoughts.

It’s an invitation to bring more connections into our lifes by learning to listen to our desires through sharing, exchanging and raising awareness.

As far as I'm concerned, I have chosen to do this through cycling and the menstrual cycle because those 2 subjects fascinate me and I want to go deeper into it in the context of this project.

But how did I get the idea to link the two subjects in one project?

Well, the whole story began in early summer 2020, at that moment I started my first journey by bike. I immediately knew that this experience was going to be a life changing one. Taking the time to fully live each moment allowed me to see things differently.

As the journey continued, a desire started to rise in me, the one of bringing something to this world, making a change.

On the road, I was really surprised to meet so many people and hearing them telling me how “brave” they thought I was to do this trip alone. At first I took it as a compliment and felt like I had achieved something very special. I must say that it was quite flattering;)

But after a while, I started noticing, I effectively didn't see a lot of woman alone on the road. And then I started to wonder; “Am I really a Wonder Woman or is there something wrong?”.

But let's face it; I clearly don't have any superpowers (too bad though). So, I came to the conclusion that this subject was worth exploring.

Thanks to those two trips, my thoughts grew bigger and slowly gave birth to Cycloo. It’s a social project bringing together an adventure by bike and raising awareness, sharing tips and information about the Wonder Woman inside every woman (because the truth is, each one of them has superpowers, she just needs to discover them).

In summary what is it?

That’s all well and beautiful but what comes next?


- from the top of my saddle, I will ride,

- roads, paths, cycle paths and other routes,

- through the French speaking part of Belgium, France and Switzerland,

- from July 2021,

- to give a free conference,

- on the topic of 2 kinds of cycle : traveling by bike and the menstrual cycle

- all of this with the aim of discovering, understanding, accepting ourself or the other,

- in order to live life to the fullest.

Abracadabra as they say so well J Now all that's left to do is to go for it…

Welcome to you in the Cycloo adventure and thank you for sharing this journey with me ☺